Another leaked Snowden document has rocked the Australian federal government. Sources state that the Prime Minister is livid about the leak.

“We’ve never seen him so angry,” said one cabinet insider, “he even punched a wall which is unusual for him as there was no one near it at the time.”

And it’s not just the PM that’s angry, most of the front bench is also up in arms. They are calling for Snowden to be declared a traitor and a request for extradition from Russia be made.

“They’re really upset,” one source told The Larrikin. “The fact Snowden is not an Australian and can’t be charged with treason doesn’t seem to make any difference.”

But government spin doctors have not been idle, they are already making plans for shifting the blame onto the former government.

“Well it’s obvious really, these leaks started when the former government was in power so it’s obviously all their fault. Hopefully the Australian people will remember this at the next federal election.”

Dancing with the Stars producers have not yet commented about the leak detailing who would win the current series.

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