In what can only be described as a romantic tragedy Clive Palmer and Jacqui Lambie have both set their Facebook status to “It’s complicated”.

“I guess they’re just growing apart,” said one mutual friend. “They don’t want the same things anymore.”

But is there something else behind the rift? One observer has noticed something that might be the cause of the problem.

“We’ve noticed that Lambie has been spending more time with Ricky Muir,” said the observer. “She’s always liked a more simplistic type and with Ricky’s love of cars and roo poo he strikes her as a real down to earth sort of guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce something soon.”

Clive Palmer was not available for comment but a PUP member has told the Larrikin he’s taking it badly. “He’s eating a lot of comfort food at the moment. A lot of comfort food.”

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