The new data retention laws have caused some confusion of late, particularly among those that voted for them in Parliament.

“We’re not really sure what this does or doesn’t do,” said one Liberal party backbencher. “But if George says it’s okay then that’s good enough for me.”

However there has been some consternation among the Attorney Generals staff.

“We’re a little concerned,” said one insider. “Whenever we try to talk to Mr Brandis about these laws his eyes glaze over and he makes little snoring sounds.”

But they’re not the only ones worried about our political representatives understanding of these laws.

“We’re not sure Mr Shorten fully understands these laws either,” said one Labor party official. “Every time we ask him if he wants to release a statement to the press the first thing he says is ‘What do the focus groups think?’. We haven’t the heart to tell him the focus groups walked out years ago.”

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