Direct Action legislation has been passed in Parliament and according to government sources  will now start to reign in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Environment Minister Greg Hunt is said to be quite pleased with the new legislation.

One insider told The Larrikin, “he’s as pleased as punch, he has always been a closeted environmentalist and now he’s free to come out of that closet, so to speak.”

Direct Action will basically pay big polluters to stop polluting.

“We’ve tried everything we could to get these polluters to stop,” said an Abbott government insider, “we’ve asked nicely, we’ve pleaded, we have even left a message on their answering machine but nothing has worked. Now we’re going to try giving them money to stop polluting. We really think we’re on to something this time.”

Big business is also in favour of Direct Action.

Oh unequivocally,” said a big polluter spokesman, “we think Direct Action is bound to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And if it doesn’t then the government can always give us more money.”

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