The famous ABC twosome loved by Aussie kids everywhere are the latest victim of budget cuts at the ABC. Mark Scott, the CEO of the ABC said, “with the reduction of funding for the ABC we have to find savings where ever we can, and the iconic uniform for B1 and B2 was far too expensive. So instead we went down the local thrift shop and picked out something affordable.”

It didn’t stop there though. In further cost savings measures the two actors that played the Bananas were retrenched.

“We just couldn’t afford real actors,” said Mr Scott, “so instead we used Work for the Dole participants. In fact we managed to get a deal from Centrelink, three for the price of two, so now we have B1, B2 and B3.”


The new Banana trio was revealed outside the main entrance to Parliament house and were instantly mobbed by an admiring press.

“Yeah, I’m not sure this is going to work,” said one news cameraman, “but it’s the ABC and if anyone can pull this off it’s them.”

Press Mob Bananas

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