It has been revealed today that the Russian President has requested Naval support in case of any sudden shirtfront attacks during the G20 in Brisbane.

One Russian Naval officer told the Larrikin, “we really don’t have the slightest idea what a shirtfront is, but we don’t want to take any chances with dealing with this Abbott character. A man that speaks of shirts yet does not wear one is not to be trusted.”

Meanwhile the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has flown into Australia after a whirlwind tour of Asian countries.

“He really enjoyed himself,” said one insider. “He got a lot of shopping done and even managed to meet a few foreign dignitaries here and there. But now that he’s home it’s all about the G20.”

When asked about the Russian Navy sending ships to Australian waters a representative of the PM’s office said, “Well obviously this is meant to intimidate Mr Abbott but he’s not falling for it, not one little bit. However an important matter has come up which requires him to spend a few weeks in a cave somewhere in Western Australia. He will speak to the G20 via a satellite link.”

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