NBN name to be changed to FUBAR.

The minister for communications or a reasonable facsimile thereof, Malcolm Turnbull, announced at a press conference today that the government will be changing the official name of the NBN. "With all the changes we have made to what was obviously a badly thought out...

ABC to cut staff, programs and good ideas.

The ABC announced today that it would be cutting back on some services in an effort to find savings to cover the reduction in funding from the federal government. Some of the cost savings include: A reduction in hair care products for Leigh Sales, Emma Alberici and...

Christopher Pyne wins Nobel Prize for Irony.

Christopher Pyne is the latest Australian to win a Nobel Prize. Judges awarded the prize to him after his herculean effort of supporting cuts to the ABC and then launching an online petition asking the ABC to not make any cuts that affected his electorate. "Mr Pyne is...

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New senate inquiry into senate inquiries.

A new senate inquiry has been announced to investigate senate inquiries. "There has been a definite increase in the amount of senate inquiries being held," said one government insider. "We need to have an inquiry into these inquiries to make sure these inquiries are...

Federal government to crack down on witchcraft.

The Federal government announced today new measures to crack down on what it calls, "the rampant use of witchcraft to pirate movies, tv shows and music". "Lets face it," said a government insider," no one in the government has the slightest idea how people are...


  • Is the #libspill on? A nation of mops and buckets stands at the ready #auspol
    about 4 years ago
  • #auspol NBN name to be changed to FUBAR. Details Here: http://t.co/RDNHU74HEY
    about 4 years ago
  • #auspol The Larrikin in a show of solidarity with the ABC cut the title from the previous tweet. We all must do our part.
    about 4 years ago
  • #auspol Details Here: http://t.co/Ef8GLPm6fy
    about 4 years ago
  • #auspol Christopher Pyne wins Nobel Prize for Irony. Details Here: http://t.co/ellGoZdqrG
    about 4 years ago